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Guangzhou Liling Electronics Co., Ltd. was founded in 1988, is China's earliest in the security product development, manufacturing enterprises. The company in 2002 in Guangzhou Luogang purchase of 25,000 square meters of R & D and production base, the introduction of advanced production lines and test equipment, and passed the ISO9001 quality management system, product access to CCC, CE, FCC, UL and other international certification. Focus on standard processes of operations, strictly control the quality of products, to provide customers with products and services to achieve the ultimate blade experience. We have been committed to scientific and technological innovation, continue to provide the community with high-tech, new features of the product. (Three-proof) conch-type camera, 3 times the auto-zoom camera, infrared light board automatically open PTZ, laser intelligent head, light-emitting diodes, and so on, the company has a number of national patent technology, Monomer security artifact - big eyes Braun and other unique in the world, much favor with independent intellectual property rights of products. Won the "China Security Brand", "3111 pilot project recommended excellent security products", "safe city construction recommended excellent security products", "China Security Top Ten national brand" honorary title. With years of experience in R & D and security capabilities, was invited to participate in video image analysis and intelligent application of the Ministry of Public Security Key Laboratory, to undertake a number of public security projects, including mobile HD bayonet in actual combat played an active role. To lay the strength of the security industry leader position. Technical innovation is the fundamental development, agile action is the magic weapon to win, in order to meet the national strategic policy, the first to launch SVAC standard full range of network HD cameras, to promote SVAC made an impressive contribution.

In 2010 the company commissioned by the Guangzhou Transportation Commission, and the Guangzhou public bicycle company on the Guangzhou public bicycle project cooperation, is responsible for research and development, production of public bicycle rental system. Low-carbon environmental protection, green travel. Guangzhou Liling bike rental system to solve the public from the district to reach public transport sites, subway mouth "last mile" short-distance travel, in line with the theme of the times, the implementation of low-carbon life. As a convenient public transport, its convenience and accessibility are paramount. Since 2012, Guangzhou Liling Electronics Co., Ltd. has been involved in public bike construction projects in Guangzhou City, involving 20,000 vehicles, 8000 pile drivers, 300 service outlets covering BRT and surrounding residential areas, commercial centers, The end of the station, the indoor trunk road of the medium and large residential area, commercial center, the Asian Games City, University City, Jinshazhou residential areas and passenger stations and other places. Guangzhou Liling Electronics Co., Ltd. will make unremitting efforts, adhering to the "rigorous, innovative, beyond the" purpose, and actively into the national public bicycle project construction, and jointly build green ecological city.

The main product line: H.264 and the national SVAC standard 2-megapixel HD camera, megapixel camera, high speed dome, intelligent PTZ, NVR, LCD monitor, analog camcorder, DVR, traffic bayonet system, bicycle rental management system Wait.
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